I am moved by the felt sense, the tactile, making what is invisible visible. Rhythms of the energetic body. Inner workings of the soul. Dreams as guidance. Beauty. I take rubbings of trees and native flora using graphite and trace paper and incorporate them as collage, screen print and stitched pattern into my painted works. I engage in ritual to find a deeper connection with the body and the felt sense. Stitching, mantra and sound vibration are my meditative pathways. It is in these quiet moments of stillness where I find the present suspended between the mind’s idle chatter of the past and future. Where I connect to the healing wisdom of the heart. And where I feel most connected to mystery and imagination.

During a sound workshop I participated in taking the pulse of another and expressing this person’s pulse through my voice. It was a beautiful experience. Recently, I practiced this method of ‘sounding’ while working with the wound on the branch of a Japanese Maple at the Washington Park Arboretum, rooting into the presence of the tree and allowing its voice to come through me. In my recent work, Call of Beauty, these rubbings create a matrix of healing and release.

Other works incorporate ancient markings from a 200-year-old cedar at Cape Disappointment and stepping stones along trail to Cape Flattery at Neah Bay, WA.  


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