I take prints of trees and native flora using graphite and trace paper, incorporating them as collage, screen print and stitched pattern into my painted works. This meditative act of connecting to the earth through the felt sense and with sound vibrations (using my own voice), offers creates moments of stillness. Where I can experience the space between thinking and doing. Where I can feel present. Where I can feel the interconnectedness and oneness with the earth, hear the ancient whispers of the native flora and reflect on this conversation of beauty and healing.

Her work has been shown at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Featherston Gallery and Cooper Union Gallery, NY. She currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.

2020    Mandala Mirrors (Current Body of work in process)
2019–2020    1200 Year Old Redwood (Current Body or Work in in Progress), Eureka, CA

2018 – 2020   Art of Awareness –Helping students find a connection to self expression through sound and mark making. A meditative process introduces a way of letting go of our 'horizontal' connections (to each other/ technology/ the over-active mind) in order to find our unique expressive voice, unlocked by a 'vertical' to Earth and Ethers. Clients: Seattle Arts Academy

2013     Chase Gallery, Juried by San Francisco Arts Commission, Spokane, WA
2012     Introductions, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011     Elemental Threads (solo show), Fetherston Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010    Under Pressure, Tashiro Kaplan Gallery, Seattle, WA
2009    Fit to Print, Allied Arts, Yakima, WA
2008    Formerly From, Allied Arts, Yakima, WA
2006    Summer Residency Show, Cooper Union, New York, NY

Luxe Magazine, 2015, Where Rivers Merge
Sunset Magazine, 2014, Work, Live, Play