My desire to understand the frequencies of the invisible inspires exploration into energy awareness – sound vibration, energetic systems of the body, healing and cosmic intuitions of the dream self.

I work with the ancient markings of trees to hold this vibrational language. Through a meditative and kinesthetic process, I transform the tactile to the tangible. Cedar, Redwood, Sequoia are traced in graphite, carved into Venetian plaster and stitched onto raw linen panels. A diverse chronology of life lived interweaves as rhythmic pattern to express a new record of beauty.

In my current series, markings from a 200-year-old Cedar become mirrored mandalas. Reflections of what ordinarily remains outside of our awareness or field of view. Their creation, a meditative pathway to connect the inner world with the larger ecosystem and universe that exceeds our consciousness. Delicate forms coalesce into structured vessels inviting us to attune to the subtle frequencies that permeate our experience of being.